Dr Magdalena Szczepaniak

Assistant Professor

Molecular Biogeography and Systematics Group
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Lubicz 46, 31‑512 Kraków, Poland


Research interests

  • Phylogeny and systematics of the Elymus L. genus (Poaceae).
  • Scope, frequency and conditions of natural interspecific and intergeneric hybridization between grass species.
  • Phylogeography of grass species of coastal, forest and xerothermic habitats (Elymus L., Melica L.).
  • Taxonomy and chorology of critical species complexes of European flora (Melica ciliata-Melica transsilvanica complex, Agropyron-Elymus complex).
  • Genetic structure of protected, rare and endangered species in context of the protection of genetic diversity.
  • Methodology of taxonomic studies – application of numerical and molecular methods in taxonomy.

Recent publications (selected)

Castro S., Muratet A., Szczepaniak M., Nguefack J., Hardion L. 2023. RAD sequencing, morphometry and synecology clarify the taxonomy of the Melica ciliata (Poaceae) complex in France and Poland. Journal of Systematics and Evolution in press. DOI

Janik P., Szczepaniak M., Lado C., Ronikier A. 2021. Didymium pseudonivicola: A new myxomycete from the austral Andes emerges from broad-scale morphological and molecular analyses of D. nivicola collections. Mycologia 113: 1327–1342. DOI

Nikel A., Szczepaniak M. 2020. Flora i zbiorowiska roślinne użytku ekologicznego "Dolina Potoku Olszanickiego – Łąki Olszanickie" w Krakowie. Fragmenta Floristica et Geobotanica Polonica 27: 585–613. DOI

Szczepaniak M., Nikel A., Paul W., Musiał L., Nęcka B. 2020. Charakterystyka występowania i stan zagrożenia Gagea minima (Liliaceae) na terenie miasta Krakowa. Fragmenta Floristica et Geobotanica Polonica 27: 567–584. DOI

Angelov G., Szczepaniak M. 2018. Seed proteins variation and systematic affinities among four taxa of genus Elymus (TriticeaePoaceae). Comptes rendus de l'Academie bulgare des Sciences 71: 345–350. DOI

Angelov G., Szczepaniak M. 2018. Isoenzyme variation and systematic affinities among four Elymus species (TriticeaePoaceae) with different genomic constitution. Comptes rendus de l'Academie bulgare des Sciences 71: 483–490. DOI

Migdałek G., Nowak J., Saługa M., Cieślak E., Szczepaniak M., Ronikier M., Marcussen T., Słomka A., Kuta E. 2017. No evidence of contemporary interploidy gene flow between the closely related European woodland violets Viola reichenbachiana and V. riviniana (sect. Viola, Violaceae). Plant Biology 19: 542–551. DOI

Szczepaniak M., Kamiński R., Kuta E., Słomka A., Heise W., Cieślak E. 2016. Natural hybridization between Gladiolus palustris and G. imbricatus inferred from morphological, molecular and reproductive evidence. Preslia 88: 137–161. Link