Research & Results

II. Biodiversity and Evolution Group

Head: Dr. Marcin Piątek

Scientific Staff: Dr. Paweł Czachura, Dr. Valerii Darmostuk, Dr. Adam Flakus, Dr. Katarzyna Izworska, Dr. Paulina Janik, Dr. Beata Krzewicka, Dr. Joanna Lenarczyk, Dr. Edyta Mazur, Dr. Barbara Pawełek, Dr. Marcin Piątek, Dr. Pamela Rodriguez-Flakus, Dr. Anna Ronikier, Dr. Michał Ronikier, Monika Stryjak-Bogacka, Dr. Tomasz Suchan, Professor Lucyna Śliwa, Dr. Karina Wilk

Technical Staff: Wiktoria Kędzior, Dr. Natalia Matura, Dr. Wojciech Paul, Barbara Skoczek

Research profile

The aim of the group is to combine studies on the different aspects of evolution and biodiversity of fungi (with lichens) and algae, and to understand how these organisms interact with each other, with other organisms and with their abiotic environment. Research is conducted on both organismal level (analyses of phenotypic traits) and molecular level (analyses of genetic and chemical properties). In addition, ecological analyses are carried out. It is anticipated that the findings of our research activity, encompassing the phylogeny, genomics, systematics, taxonomy, morphology and diversity of the studied organisms, will add significantly to knowledge about their evolution. The addressed research problems, related to fungi and algae living on or co-occurring with other organisms (e.g. bryophytes, or vascular plants) and their co-evolutionary relationships, will allow to know their interactions with biotic environment. The aim of ecological analyses of selected organisms in selected habitats is to determine their interactions with abiotic environment.

Research teams and topics

Team II.1

Leader: Dr. Marcin Piątek

Research topic: Systematics and evolution of fungi and their interactions with biotic and abiotic environment (P. Czachura, M. Piątek, M. Stryjak-Bogacka)

Team II.2

Leader: Professor Lucyna Śliwa

Research topic: Phylogeny, biodiversity, and ecology of lichens and algae (B. Krzewicka, J. Lenarczyk, E. Mazur, L. Śliwa, K. Wilk)

Team II.3

Leader: Dr. Adam Flakus

Research topic: Evolution of fungal symbioses in tropical ecosystems (V. Darmostuk, A. Flakus, P. Rodriguez-Flakus)

Team II.4

Leader: Dr. Michał Ronikier

Research topic: Molecular biogeography, evolution and genetic variability of the biota of mountain and polar habitats

  • Comparative phylogeography of selected mountain and polar species (K. Izworska, B. Pawełek, A. Ronikier, M. Ronikier, M. Saługa, T. Suchan)
  • Phylogenesis and molecular biogeography of nivicolous myxomycetes (P. Janik, B. Pawełek, A. Ronikier, M. Ronikier, T. Suchan)